This module provides leads automation through marketing campaigns (campaigns can in fact be defined on any resource, not just CRM Leads).

The campaigns are dynamic and multi-channels. The process is as follows:

  • Design marketing campaigns like workflows, including email templates to send, reports to print and send by email, custom actions
  • Define input segments that will select the items that should enter the campaign (e.g leads from certain countries.)
  • Run you campaign in simulation mode to test it real-time or accelerated, and fine-tune it
  • You may also start the real campaign in manual mode, where each action requires manual validation
  • Finally launch your campaign live, and watch the statistics as the campaign does everything fully automatically.

While the campaign runs you can of course continue to fine-tune the parameters, input segments, workflow.

Note: If you need demo data, you can install the marketing_campaign_crm_demo
module, but this will also install the CRM application as it depends on CRM Leads.
Marketing Campaigns (marketing_campaign)
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Also available for: 7.0 6.1 6.0 5.0 trunk