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Get all you need to grow your business and deliver quality services with the OpenERP Partner Program. It includes discounts on OpenERP Enterprise, technical and functional trainings, support services, marketing documents, access to the partner portal, rights to use the trademark and much more.

Why should you become a partner?

Enjoy building a business based on happy customers

A Valuable Product

Have strong value added services as you can rely on 3000 existing modules to deliver what the customer needs in a short period of time. Grow with your existing customer base by continuously proposing new modules.

A Strong Demand

Enjoy the traction of the fastest growing management software in the world. Benefit from the growing customer demand and the OpenERP brand.

High Margins

Grow by developing a recurring revenue stream from OpenERP Enterprise's commission system. Get high billing rates as you deliver a highly valuable software.

Get Big discounts on OpenERP Enterprise

Grow through recurring revenue streams from your customer base

As a partner, you get a big discount on OpenERP Enterprise. This allows you to offer reduced prices to your customers and/or to benefit from a commission on every subscription you sell to your customers.

Benefit From A Dedicated Account Manager

Our role is to help you succeed

A dedicated account manager is assigned to every partner to help develop the OpenERP business. The account manager helps you get leads, close deals, gives you feedback and best practices, delivers sales training and is a direct point of contact for any request you may have.

Get Trained on OpenERP

Technical training, functional training and sales training

Customers need qualified partners. That's why being trained and certified is a requirement to become an official partner. When you start as a partner, you are free to choose from the following training sessions:

The Technical Training

Learn how to develop custom modules, including the development of new business objects, customization of screens, the design of new reports, the adaption of workflows and automated interfaceing with other programs or websites. (5 days)

The Functional Training

Learn how to configure and customize OpenERP, all from within the software itself - no coding required. The main applications are covered by this 5-day training are: Sales, Project Management, Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing Resource Planning and Human Resources. (5 days)

The Sales Training

This online training is designed specifically for salespeople and presales employees who will be given an introduction course on OpenERP key features and how to present it's unique selling propositions to a potential customer.

Get access to online training materials

Train yourself on every new release using online videos

Each partner gets access to our training videos which are available in the partner portal. The training material is updated for every new version of OpenERP. Special training sessions are organised to keep partners up to date for each new version of OpenERP.

Get access to our functional support services

Don't be stuck on your implementation project, we can help you.

As you go through your first implementation of an OpenERP system it is normal to need some support. We are here to answer your questions regarding the functionality of the software, or how to configure the solution. Each partner is entitled to a certain number of support hours thanks to his or her partner program.

Get technical support services

We help your developers with bugs or support questions

The OpenERP Support Team is 100% dedicated to helping our customers. You can contact the Support Team for any functional or technical questions and issues with regard to OpenERP development. They can help you develop custom modules.

Test all your developments automatically

Your dedicated test integration platform

Save time in your implementation project by having your developments tested automatically by our automated test servers. At every code commit, you get a full OpenERP instance that you can try out online. When this instance is deployed, your code is automatically put through our 2000+ automated unit tests.

Our automated testing server software is called Runbot, and you can try it out here: http://runbot.openerp.com. A dedicated runbot server is available for every partner.

Get access to our consultants and technical experts

Get access to experts for an extra fee

For an extra fee, partners can get access to OpenERP's core developers and functional experts. This can help you succeed in delivering more complex or bigger projects by getting the support of highly experienced consultants on demand.

Get recognition as an official certified partner

We give you visibility in our official partner list

OpenERP promotes its partners through various ways: publication on our website, official communication, publication of your success stories, etc. As soon as you become an OpenERP partner and have followed the official trainings, you will be visible on the partner directory listing.

Access to the Lead Generation Program

We give you visibility in our official partner list

Every year, we redirect more than 100,000 customer requests to our official partners. These are prospects that filled a form on the OpenERP website and wanted to use OpenERP. The right partner to fulfill the customer request is selected based on the customer localization (nearest partner) and the grade of the partner.

Benefit from the OpenERP branding

Get rights to use the OpenERP trademark

As a partner, you get the right to use the OpenERP trademark for your own marketing activities. You get access to all our materials through the partner portal, in order to help you build your marketing campaigns. wn marketing activities. You get access to all our materials through the partner portal, in order to help you build your marketing campaigns.

Get The Partnership Level That Suits You

The OpenERP eco system is designed to ensure that OpenERP’s users will enjoy the best customer experience with our products. The community brings a wealth of new functionality.

OpenERP as a software publisher is committed to continuously improving the quality of the software. Our local partners provide integration and support services.

Ready Partners

The Ready membership level enables Partners to start and grow their OpenERP competencies. They benefit from a comprehensive set of services including training, support and access to leads which allow them to build their business at their own pace.

Ready partners also have a minimum of 1 certified OpenERP Functional Specialist on the latest OpenERP version (enforced starting Q3 2014)

Silver Partners

Partners which have qualified for the Silver Partner level are experienced in implementing OpenERP projects. Silver partners enjoy enhanced benefits as well as access to additional resources to support the growth of their business with OpenERP.

Silver partners also have a minimum of 2 certified OpenERP Functional Specialists on the latest OpenERP version (enforced starting Q3 2014)

Gold Partners

Gold partners have a strategic relationship with OpenERP. OpenERP is at the core of their strategy. They have committed significant resources to develop and deploy OpenERP solutions. They benefit from the highest visibility in the OpenERP ecosystem.

Gold partners also have a minimum of 3 certified OpenERP Functional Specialists on the latest OpenERP version (enforced starting Q3 2014)

Join our partner network