OpenERP Enterprise Pricing:

only 39 USD per user/month

The OpenERP Enterprise platform includes professional maintenance services: the convenience to install modules in one click; automated updates; upgrades to benefit from new features, unlimited bugfix guarantee; support and optional hosting in our cloud.

Install new apps on demand

No more system administrator tasks

Imagine a fully functional, out-of-the-box solution for your business, that allows to install features according to your needs. Customers can start with one or a few business applications and expand later in only a few clicks.

No need to download modules from launchpad, manage dependencies, compile and install on your server. Everything is automated with our OpenERP Enterprise platform.

Benefit from new features

Upgrade to future versions on demand

Our migration service team handles all the efforts required to upgrade your instance on demand. It includes the migration of the code, of the data, extensive tests and support. This is a revolution in the ERP market; customers are now able to evolve with their need.

Our process allows you to test upgraded instances before you deploy them in production. Once you are ready to roll out a new version to your users, you can do it automatically through our migration platform.

Unlimited bugfix guarantee

Never be stuck on an issue

Get an an unlimited bugfix guarantee at no extra cost. OpenERP wants to insure that your business will not suffer from any bugs that might intervene.

Follow the evolution of accounting legislation

Get accounting updates every year

Our service includes changes that are due to legal requirements evolution in your country. Report us any legal change impacting an existing feature and we will adapt OpenERP at no extra cost.

Automated updates on demand

Get security of bugfixes updates applied automatically

Get all updates applied on demand in one click. We do the job for you to monitor changes, update your instance and send you alerts for possible security issues.

Functional Support

Get access to our experts

Get support from OpenERP experts. Two hours of support are provided with every OpenERP Enterprise contract. Customers who would need more support hours can purchase additional support hours separately.

Optional hosting in our cloud

No hardware. No maintenance. No boundaries.

Get your instance ready in one click; we setup everything for you. You don't have to worry about hardware, maintenance, backups, hosting, updates and integration with third party applications like pad and emails.

If you use OpenERP online, you can only use quality certified modules. If you need to use community modules, you have to install OpenERP on premise.

Try it for 15 days for free

No commitment and no credit card required

Get access to hundreds of applications for just 39 USD per user per month, with all maintenance services included.

There is no limit to the amount of products or clients, no sale fee, and you can close your subscription any time you want. So why don't you start your free trial now ?